Dwight Howard ticked off Gregg Popovich during the All-Star Game?

Dwight Howard's schtick is attempting -- key word, attempting -- to be the class clown, a big loveable, fun-loving goofball who's really good at hoops. 

That schtick used to be something we all politely smiled at. Now, with all of Howard's recent transgressions, it has gone from him being silly to him being a clown. So much that, even at the All-Star Game, where you're mostly allowed to be a clown, Howard was too much. 

According to ESPN, via Complex, West coach Gregg Popovich was drawing Howard up a play during a timeout. But when he looked up to confirm it, Howard wasn't there, but instead talking and joking with courtside celebrities and such. So, reportedly, Popovich scrapped it and lobbed a few f-bombs while doing so. 

The All-Star Game is obviously a place for hijinks and silliness, but even Howard was out there too much. In the second half, Howard attempted a 3 -- his second of the game -- and made it, to which Popovoch immediately subbed him out. Planned, or something to that? 

Who knows. And who even knows how true this story of heresay is. Point is, it certainly seems true because of Howard's reputations. Kobe Bryant has talked about how the Lakers need to be more serious, how guys need to quit laughing and smiling after losses. I don't think it takes a genius to figure out whom he might be talking about. 

Howard's act has really worn thin on everyone. Being serious at an All-Star Game is far from required. So, in this case, it's not the biggest deal. But Howard's behavior has been an issue for a while and something that doesn't appear to be changing. 

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