Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh want more than reported pay cuts

How much do Chris Bosh and Dywane Wade want? (USATSI)
How much do Chris Bosh and Dywane Wade want? (USATSI)

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Goes to show you how fast free agency rumors move. After reports surfaced that Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh were looking at starting salaries as low as $12 and $11 million respectively, Ken Berger of CBSSports.com and the agent for both players confirm that those numbers aren't accurate. 

If those reports are inaccurate and both players will take more, the Heat could wind up with significantly less than the reported $12 million. That could significantly limit their ability to add free agents. The names on the Heat's list include Kyle Lowry, Luol Deng, and Trevor Ariza, all of which are expected to receive significantly more money per year than what the Heat could have in total. 

LeBron James is expected to take the max, starting at just over $20 million. With an estimated salary cap of $63 million, if Bosh and Wade take starting salaries in the $30 million combined range, plus the guaranteed money owed to Norris Cole and rookie Shabazz Napier, the Heat would have to use roughly $9 million to fill out the remaining seven roster spots. Even with several players on veteran-minimum exceptions, that could make things tough. 

The truth is no one knows how much the Big 3 are going to take yet, and if that's the case, it casts further doubt on Miami's ability to upgrade the roster from a team that lost the Finals in five games last season. 

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