Back in 2003 when Dwyane Wade wasn't a future Hall of Fame inductee just quite yet, he was going through the predraft process. Wade, who is from Chicago, had two predraft workouts with the Chicago Bulls. It was the only team he had multiple predraft workouts with during that process. Because of that extra interest from the Bulls, Wade believed that was where he'd end up on draft night. All he had to do was fall to No. 7 in the draft where the Bulls were picking and he'd be going home.

That didn't happen. The Miami Heat selected Wade with the fifth pick in the draft and that's where he spent the first 13 seasons of his career, winning three championships in the process. During his introductory press conference for the Bulls on Friday, Wade talked about how he not only thought he'd be drafted there in 2003 but he also seriously considered signing there in 2010 before LeBron James and Chris Bosh joined him in Miami.

Dwyane Wade is happy to be on the Bulls, finally. USATSI

He almost didn't get selected by the Heat at No. 5 too. By a few accounts, Pat Riley had to be talked into taking Wade fifth. There were mock drafts and rumors slotting guys like Chris Kaman and even Maciej Lampe in the fifth pick of the draft for Miami. Had Riley passed on Wade and the Los Angeles Clippers not taken him at No. 6, Wade could've ended up in Chicago from the get-go.

Instead, he carved out an incredible career before he finally went home to play for Chicago this summer on a two-year, $47 million contract. He got to accomplish something he always wanted to do, which was play for the Bulls. Just took a little longer than he anticipated back in 2003.