Choosing to leave the Heat for the Chicago Bulls was not an easy move for Dwyane Wade. The superstar guard spent the entirety of his future Hall-of-Fame career with Miami and the decision to leave stressed him out plenty. So much so that according to Wade, he lost weight during the entire process.

Wade explained all about his decision and the stress associated with it on an appearance on Live with Kelly! on Thursday:

"Last night was a long, long night for me," Wade told Ripa. "Can you tell by my eyes?"

"I was so excited to get here. I was more nervous about this than I was about everything that happened last night," Wade said. "It's still surreal. I'm still numb. This decision I had to make last night, I mean, I've been in Miami for 13 years -- 13 incredible years. You get a week to decide, you know, what you're going to do. And I didn't get [any] sleep. I lost probably five to 10 pounds just not being able to eat."

Dwyane Wade shares his thoughts on free agency and his decision on 'Kelly.' (ABC)

Weight loss aside, Wade's didn't regret his decision as he told Ripa that he was looking forward to playing for his hometown Chicago Bulls.

"I'm born and raised in Chicago," Wade said. "I had a house there until like 2000, until I got married again, when I had to get rid of it, because it was a bachelor pad. And I'm excited to go back to the place that I've always envisioned playing basketball. You know, being a kid, growing up, Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls were the team for us. And I've always, like, envisioned myself being in the backyard, always had a Bulls jersey on, always envisioned Dwyane Wade's name being called in the United Center. And I get an opportunity to live that dream now."

Wade also reiterated how much love he still has for the Heat and their fans.

"I just want to thank all my fans," Wade told Ripa. "I call it ...we call it Heat Nation. Just around the world, just by the way they embrace me, this little shy kid from Chicago, came from Milwaukee to Miami and really grew up. We did some special things together. I didn't do it by myself. I had so many unbelievable teammates along the way. But our fans are just phenomenal -- all the Heat Nation in the world. We even have Heat fans in New York because I heard cheers last year [on the show]."

He may have lost weight and agonized about his decision, yet Wade does seem at peace with his choice and is looking forward to playing for his hometown Bulls. Quite a drastic change but one that Wade is ready to embrace.