NBA players like to think of themselves as a fine wine, but it really mostly applies to Dirk Nowitzki. Dwyane Wade reportedly opted in with the Bulls for the second year of his contract, telling David Aldridge that there were "24 million reasons" to do so. 

Wade had a solid 2016-17 campaign with the Bulls, with his stats somewhat exceeding what was expected of him. He seemed to opt in despite his better interests, and tweeted about his own mortality as an NBA star.

NBA owners may hate Twitter for its candidness, but fans jumped at the opportunity to tell Wade what they thought of his "petty" remarks ... including Wade's wife Gabrielle Union.

Then there was someone that was even more aware of Wade's mortality than Wade himself.

And, of course, a reminder that plights are relative.

Wade played well last season, but with another one under his belt in Chicago, he isn't going to Benjamin Button back to the days of his historic NBA Finals' performance against the Mavericks. However, it can be presumed that as long as he's scoring and feels like he's contributing to a team, he's going to continue to play. And although the money may be a nice incentive, it's always nice to play in front of his home crowd in Chicago.