Dwyane Wade mocks Dwight Howard's statement of loyalty to the Magic

Dwight Howard decided to waive the option to terminate his contract early, pledging loyalty to the Magic for the rest of this season.

In his press conference Thursday, Howard made it very clear that he loves the organization, loves the city, loves his teammates and in the end, he said he's a loyal person and wanted to stay and try and win a championship in Orlando.

One person not buying it I guess? Dwyane Wade, who tweeted this:

The question is, what would provoke Wade to take an apparent swipe at Howard like that? There's no love lost between the Heat and Magic already, but that seems to be a pretty low blow. Potentially, it could've had to do with a statement Howard made during his presser.

"I'm not like those guys, or those people they're trying to paint me as," Howard said, presumably in reference to LeBron James, Chris Bosh, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and other stars that have left their teams. "I'm too loyal. That's not my nature."

Potentially Wade could've taken exception to a tweet from Jarrett Jack.
Certainly makes sense. Either way, in a roundabout sense, Wade's mocking the notion someone would remain loyal to a team. Actually, I'm not even sure what Wade's point is.

Howard was also asked about if the backlash from LeBron's "Decision" played into his choice. He said it did not and wasn't critical of the way LeBron handled his free agency.

Wade's dig is certainly interesting. And with the Heat and Magic already having a nice little Florida rivalry, it's going to be a little bit better with these shots fired.

Oh, and if you're wondering: The Heat and Magic play this Sunday in Miami. So that'll be fun.
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