Dwyane Wade still uncertain about Heat return, NBA future: 'I wish I had an answer'

The Miami Heat begin training camp for the 2018-19 season in less than two weeks, and they're still unsure if Dwyane Wade will be with them. After an entire summer of rumors and speculation, Wade's free agency saga is yet to find a conclusion. 

Ahead of camp opening up, Wade spoke to reporters yet again, saying he's still unsure of his plans for this season. Via the Miami Sun-Sentinel:

"I wish I had an answer for you. I don't have it today," Wade, 36, said, as he stood alongside Haslem.

Asked what is factoring into his decision, the Heat's all-time scoring leader said, "A lot goes into it. We've kind of talked about it over the course of my career. So you guys can play the tape back and hear the same answers over and over again. But a lot goes into it."

Wade added that he's unsure what sort of contract the Heat have offered, as he hasn't been dealing with the money side of things.

"You've got to call my agent and ask him," Wade said, when asked if the Heat had extended the maximum possible offer. "I haven't dealt with the money part of it."

At this point, though, it doesn't seem like money is really going to be a deciding factor. Earlier in the summer, Wade was offered a huge deal to go play in China, but turned it down. And given their salary cap restrictions, the Heat can offer only the veteran's minimum or the mid-level exception. Of course, Wade would assuredly prefer the MLE, but it seems unlikely that a difference of a few million dollars is going to make or break Wade's decision. 

Given Wade's status -- not only in the league, but in the Heat organization -- we may have to wait well into the preseason to finally get an answer on his plans. He's earned the right to take his time, and it seems the Heat are willing to wait -- especially considering Wade has made it clear he's either joining the Heat or retiring

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