Dwyane Wade trade grades: Heat get back their hero; Cavs do the honorable thing

So much for a quiet NBA trade deadline, eh? In the midst of the Cavaliers completely revamping their roster with a three-team trade in which they acquired George Hill and Rodney Hood, Cleveland also pulled off a smaller move by reportedly sending Dwyane Wade back to the Miami Heat in exchange for a heavily protected second-round pick.

Wade spent his first 13 seasons in Miami and could basically win the mayoral race tomorrow if he decided to run, so he'll be a welcome face in South Florida.

Let's grade the trade.

Miami Heat: A-plus

Heat receive:

  • Dwyane Wade

Wade County is back, my friends! Let's forget for a second that Wade has actually been pretty effective off the bench for a dysfunctional Cavs team this season -- this trade is worth it for the PR boost alone. The Heat have lost five games in a row and have now fallen into the No. 7 spot in the Eastern Conference Playoff standings, so they needed some energy injected into the arena.

Wade can fill the hole left by the injury to Dion Waiters as a wing scorer, and his basketball IQ and veteran savvy will be invaluable for the team come playoff time. Throw in the fact that Wade is on an affordable $2.3 million expiring deal, and that all they had to give up was a heavily protected second-round pick (basically nothing), and this is an absolute home run for the Heat.

Cleveland Cavaliers: B

Cavs receive:

  • Protected second-round pick

This wasn't as much of an on-court decision as it was a human decision. The Cavs acquired Hill, Hood and Jordan Clarkson, so as the youth movement takes over in Cleveland there would be less and less playing time for Wade. The organization reportedly wanted to do right by Wade, so they sent him back to the Heat.

They probably could have tried to get more for him or kept him around to be a mentor to the younger players, but it was clear that Wade wanted to return to Miami. They did the honorable thing, and there's no shame in that.

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