EA Sports reveals first gameplay trailer for NBA Live 14

EA Sports is aiming to compete with NBA 2k14 by reviving their NBA Live franchise with NBA Live 14. Kyrie Irving is the face of the franchise, and after we outlined how their player rating system comes together, the first gameplay trailer is out. 

The graphics are on the next-gen engines, so of course they look fantastic, even as Iving's facial expression doesn't move in-flight. They've focused a lot on the ball and dribbling physics, going so far as to bring in players to record their specific dribbling styles and having the ball using its own physics engine. The result is an animation process a lot closer to reality that anything before it. 

The question for everyone, though, is how will it play? It looks gorgeous and I'm intrigued by their use of Synergy Sports to update the ratings and tendencies as the season evolves. But how much fun it is to play is of course the end-game. We'll have to see when he game is actually released November 19th, but they're doing a great job of hyping his game as the first legitimate challenge to 2K in a long time. 

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