Elderly woman viciously dunks all over Suns owner Robert Sarver at Phoenix city council meeting

Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver may not be the most popular guy in Arizona these days, but I'd venture to guess that not many people hate his guts more than Greta Rogers.

Rogers has quickly become an internet sensation thanks to her merciless evisceration of Sarver at a Phoenix city council meeting this week. One of the biggest hot-button issues at that meeting on Wednesday was a proposal that would give Sarver and the Suns $150 million in public funding for renovations at Talking Stick Resort Arena. 

It would appear that Rogers is not in favor of this proposal. 

Here's the transcript of her tremendous rant.

"Mr. Sarver has done nothing to improve this team in the 14 years he's owned it. He's never funded or bought -- paid for -- two or three key players, which makes any professional sports team successful or on the road to success. He's so tight he squeaks when he walks. And you have been negotiating with this kind of person? Shame on each and all of you. And upon you, Ed, I thought your principles were higher and better than this. We are not in the business of paying taxes to support private enterprise. And especially not an entertainment enterprise. They can support themselves or fail on their own lack of diligence."

Man, "he's so tight he squeaks when he walks" is an all-time jam. Greta knows how to throw down, and this apparently wasn't her first rodeo in the city council chambers.

 As for Sarver, it appears that's not as close as he'd like to be in securing that $150 million. The formal city council vote was postponed on Wednesday because it appeared doomed to fail. Once it became clear that the proposal wasn't going to pass, Sarver reportedly responded by threatening to relocate the Suns if the Phoenix city council didn't approve the vote (he has since denied making that threat).

It's not really known what arena renovations are needed or what Sarver plans on doing with the money, as the city hasn't released any outlines for the proposal, which was filed only seven days ago. 

So, yeah, Greta Rogers probably isn't alone here.

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