Where will Matt Bonner play next season? USATSI

All good things must come to an end, and for Matt Bonner it seems like his tenure with the San Antonio Spurs has sadly come to a close. A fact that Bonner himself, is well aware of.

Appearing on Concord News Radio on Tuesday, Bonner said that he likely won't play for the Spurs next season.

"Currently they haven't signed me." Bonner said (transcribed by NBC News 4 in San Antonio), "Unless something changes going into the season, I'm probably not going to be with the Spurs."

Playing in San Antonio for 10 seasons, Bonner has spent the majority of his career with the Spurs. He was a member of two championship teams, and due to his unique personality on and off the court Bonner is a beloved fan favorite in San Antonio.

But the Spurs are trying to get younger and more athletic -- two categories that, at 36 years old, Bonner doesn't fall into. Plus the Spurs have 14 guaranteed contracts already and are over the salary cap line, so financially and roster-wise, there isn't room for Bonner in San Antonio.

Bonner though still wants to play and doesn't want to retire. However, where he will actually end up remains a mystery. Bonner is still a solid 3-point shooter (shot 44.1 percent from three last season) and teams are always looking for shooters that can stretch the floor, so perhaps someone will come a calling before the offseason ends. But either way, it seems like Bonner won't be suiting up for the Spurs next season, and with Tim Duncan retiring, will be yet another noticeable change in San Antonio.