Enes Kanter debuts full Celtics uniform in game against youth campers

After signing with Boston earlier this summer, Enes Kanter just can't wait to put on his Celtics uniform. We know this because he didn't wait to put on his Celtics uniform. 

Kanter was officially introduced as a member of the Celtics on Wednesday, joining Kemba Walker in an introductory press conference at the team's practice facility. During that presser, Kanter received his No. 11 jersey (Walker will wear No. 8) and said he wanted to be the reason that no one else will wear that number for the Celtics again -- an amusing reference to Kyrie Irving, who said the same thing about No. 11 before swiftly ditching Boston for Brooklyn this summer.

We didn't have to wait long to see Kanter actually put on that C's jersey, as he was spotted just hours later wearing it while playing a game with a bunch of kids. But here's the thing: Kanter wasn't just wearing the jersey, he was wearing his entire uniform. 

Jersey. Shorts. Compression sleeves. Tights. Sneakers Everything. 

Just a tremendously ridiculous and hilarious move that must be respected.

If that wasn't clear enough of a sign that Kanter is all-in on Boston, he also made sure to boo a youngster that wore Lakers shorts to the camp.

May as well just retire the number now. 

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