The Oklahoma City Thunder saw their roster change a great deal over the summer but one key piece remained the same and that has helped be the driving force for their success as a team to this point in the season.

Naturally, we're referring to the way that All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook has made this team his own and has become their true leader both on and off of the court.

With Westbrook putting up numbers that the league hasn't seen in decades, Enes Kanter took the time to explain exactly how special it is being able to share the floor with the former UCLA Bruins standout night in and night out.

“Ten years, 20 years from now, I’m gonna look back on it and be like, ‘Man, I played with that dude!’” Kanter said Thursday, according to Fred Katz of The Norman Transcript. “I’m gonna tell my kids, maybe my grandkids one day, ‘You know what? I played with Russell Westbrook’…It’s gonna be pretty cool.”

“He just makes the game so easy, man,” he said. “When I’m out there, I feel so happy, like oh man, put me in with Russell, because he’s making the game so easy for everybody else. Teams cannot guard him one-on-one.”

When you take into consideration how dominant Westbrook has been this season when the ball is in his hands, it makes sense why Kanter would cherish the moments where the two share the floor as defenses have to pay so much attention to what Russell is doing that it frees up the rest of the Thunder's roster to take advantage of their chances on the offensive end when the opportunity presents itself.

No one knows what the future will hold for Westbrook but Kanter's comments make it clear that this Oklahoma City roster is quite happy to be along for the ride.