Enes Kanter is in the middle of a difficult situation. USATSI

Enes Kanter has had a tumultuous summer and it has nothing to do with Kevin Durant leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Turkish big man has been disowned by his parents for supporting a Pennsylvania-based cleric named Fethullah Gulen. During the attempted coup in the Turkish government last month, Gulen was suspected of being involved with the group that tried to overthrow Turkey's president, Tayyip Erdogan.

Kanter's support of Gulen, which even included a letter posted on social media that was signed "Enes (Kanter) Gulen," has left his parents publicly apologizing to all of Turkey for the existence of their son. Via GiveMeSport.com:

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Enes Kanter has been disowned by his parents due to his support of Pennsylvania-based cleric Fethullah Gulen -- believed to be involved in the coup -- who is currently in a feud with Turkey's president Tayyip Erdogan.

Kanter's father, Mehmet, who supports the Turkish government and Erdogan, issued a handwritten letter to the Turkish media distancing himself -- and the rest of the family -- from the NBA star.

"With a feeling of shame I apologize to our president and the Turkish people for having such a son," the letter said (via Reuters).

Kanter's online letter said that he lost his family of 24 years and that his father wanted him to change his last name away from Kanter and that his own mother has rejected him. His father probably did not approve of the change to Gulen.

"Today I lost those who for 24 years I called ... my family ... My own father wanted me to change my surname. The mother who gave birth to me rejected me," Kanter said.
"May God take every second of my life and give it to my brave Teacher... From now on my mother, father and siblings are (the)... devoted members of Hizmet."

Kanter's Twitter account has been blocked or hidden on social media platforms in Turkey due to this entire circumstance.

You can expect questions about this situation to come up during media day, which will likely be extinguished by either Kanter or the Thunder organization as a whole.