Enes Kanter says Turkey not showing Knicks game in response to his political stance

The offseason was a hectic and at times frightening time for Enes Kanter.

The New York Knicks' recently acquired big man is an outspoken critic of Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and this summer, Kanter faced constant retaliation for his beliefs. 

First, Kanter was held at a Romanian airport after Turkey canceled his passport. Later, Kanter explained that he was in Romania only because he escaped there from Indonesia with police sent by Turkey at his heels. Additionally, Kanter's father was arrested in Turkey, in what Kanter says was retaliation, and Turkey sought Kanter's arrest after claiming he was part of a terrorist organization. 

Now, Kanter says Turkey is attempting their latest retaliatory technique: not showing Knicks games. Via ESPN:

"Last year they were showing all 29 games in Turkey but no (Oklahoma City Thunder) games because of all the politics, they were going crazy. So now, they are showing every other game (but) no Knicks," Kanter said Friday. "Just because the president is crazy. It's that crazy…. Last year, I saw all those people on social media they were saying we want to watch (Russell Westbrook) because they can't watch because of me. Now, they want to watch Kristaps (Porzingis), all the other guys, they cannot watch just because of me."

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