Even '2K17' video game thinks the DeMarcus Cousins trade was unfair

After dealing their lone superstar, DeMarcus Cousins, to the New Orleans Pelicans for rookie Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, Langston Galloway and two picks, the Sacramento Kings are for now, the clear losers of the trade.

The deal was so bad that it was vigorously and hilariously mocked on Twitter as soon as it went down and created a mixed tone of questioning the decision-makers on the Kings. This is apparently the same line of thinking that the popular video game “NBA 2K17” has. 

Wanting to keep the game updated, sports gamer analyst Bryan Wiedley tried to replicate the Cousins trade on “NBA 2K17.” However while the real-life Kings accepted the trade, the video game version of the team did not -- the deal was rejected for being too lopsided.

The game literally gives a message from the fictional Kings GM that says, “DeMarcus Cousins is someone we consider untouchable. The only way I accept a trade for him is if I’m blown away and this one doesn’t do that.”

Even the Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas, who played with Cousins in Sacramento, couldn’t believe the deal went through.

Yet another example of, no matter how realistic the graphics and game play might be, video games don’t always imitate real life.

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