LaVar and Lonzo Ball have been in the news on a near constant basis lately, with the release of Lonzo's new $495 shoe generating all sorts of buzz. Basically everyone related to basketball in any way has offered an opinion on the shoes, or just LaVar's whole approach to his son's fame in general. 

The latest to give us his take was Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving, who joined his teammates Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson on their podcast, Road Trippin'. Irving certainly made headlines for his previous appearance on the pod (when he said he believes the Earth is flat), but this time around he gave some level-headed advice on the Ball family situation. 

Basically, he wants LaVar to let Lonzo live. Via ESPN:

"I'm sorry, LaVar, you're not going to be in every hotel room that Lonzo is going to be in," Kyrie said. "You're not going to be everywhere and part of his life as he continues to grow up. You got to let go. He's 19 years old. Don't get me wrong, I don't want it to bypass him being a father, but he's got to let Lonzo be Lonzo for the long haul."

Irving was speaking from experience, as his own father was once as ever-present as LaVar is with Lonzo. The Cavs guard did say he supports what LaVar has done on the business side of things, and how he's opened plenty of doors for his sons, but cautioned him on staying too involved in his son's life and making absurd comments in the press.

"We all respect the foundation he's laid. I'm going to speak from the parent perspective first and then as a player," Irving said. "As a father, the foundation he's laid for his children, I couldn't be any [more] proud of him. I don't listen to the comments. ... Just as a parent, he's opened up the door for his kids. He was the one that put the ball in their crib. As cliché as that sounds, he was the one that pushed them in that direction to play basketball. And now they're talented and able to have their own AAU team and able to have their own brand and be able to travel on their own merits, not looking towards the big-time companies to sponsor their team. I mean, they're controlling it within the family, and I respect that, from that aspect.

"Now, when he starts going off and saying, 'I could beat Michael Jordan one-on-one' and starts going off and he compared Lonzo to Uber and taxi, come on. Just relax a little bit. Take a step back and realize the impact that you can make, not for the moment now, but for the future. Lonzo is going to be in the NBA regardless. But at the end of the day, he still is going into another world that you can't control."

Judging by the months and months of evidence we have in regards to LaVar Ball's decision-making process, I can't expect that he'll care about what Kyrie Irving has to say.