The Golden State Warriors added another superstar in Kevin Durant this offseason, which which will presumably force at least some changes to Stephen Curry's game. Curry will still be a superstar, but can he win three MVP awards in a row even with, perhaps, a diminished scoring role.

Vegas sportsbook Bovada thinks he can.

Here are the latest MVP odds from Bovada, which has Curry and LeBron James with the best odds at winning the 2017 MVP award. Russell Westbrook, who reportedly just signed a contract extension with the Thunder, is third while Curry's new wingman is fourth:

Stephen Curry
LeBron James15/4
Russell Westbrook4/1
Kevin Durant8/1
Anthony Davis14/1
James Harden16/1
Kawhi Leonard16/1
Paul George22/1
Blake Griffin22/1
Damian Lillard28/1

Not too many surprises on this list. James will once again be the leader on the Cavs and is looking to bring back-to-back championships to Cleveland. Meanwhile, Curry took this summer offer to recuperate so he likely will come back at full strength next season. Westbrook will be even more unleashed in Oklahoma City now that Durant is gone. And Durant will likely want to show why he went to Golden State and could well take his game to an even higher level without so much defensive attention on him for all of the Warriors' weapons.

The rest of the list seems pretty cut and dry. Anthony Davis being so high on the list is interesting as he was projected to be an MVP-candidate before the start of last season, but the Pelicans' and his own struggles caused that to never materialize. If they stay injury free, the Pelicans should be a playoff team in the West, which will help Davis' MVP chances. Kawhi Leonard finished second in the MVP vote last season, so you would expect him to be at least higher than Davis and James Harden on this list.

Of course these odds will change once the season begins, but for now Curry and James are favored to win the 2017 MVP award.