Ex-Mavericks dancer charged in Dallas-area shooting deaths

UPDATE: More charges have been filed against a former dancer for the Mavericks' all-male dance team who is accused in the shooting deaths of four people on Wednesday in the Dallas area.

Police say Erbie Lee Bowser, 44, was charged with the capital murders of his girlfriend,Toya Smith, 43, and her 17-year-old daughter, and faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after wounding his girlfriends son, 14, and a 17-year-old family friend, according to an Associated Press report on Friday.

An arrest affadavit released by authorities on Friday said the family friend, Dasmine Mitchell, who was hospitalized with gunshot wounds, identified Bowser as the lone gunman in Wednesday's Dallas shootings, which reportedly began around 10:30 p.m.

Bowser next traveled to Desoto, about 10 miles southwest of Dallas, where authorities say he killed his estranged wife, Zina Bowser, and her daughter, Neima Williams.   

Early reports indicated Bowser employed a grenade in the Desoto attack. 

Once authorities arrived, Bowser, who previously served in the Army, pretended to be injured before the police recognized and arrested him.

Bowser was reportedly part of the ManiACCs hip-hop dance team as recently as 2011. The team's website previously listed him as 6-foot-7 and nearly 400 pounds, though court records list his weight at 355. Bowser also worked as a special education teacher for a decade in the eastern Dallas suburb of Mesquite and served briefly as a coach for the West Mesquite football team. He played three games as a defensive tackle for TCU in the late 1980s, the AP reported.

Bowser is currently being held at the Dallas County Jail.

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