Eye on Basketball Podcast: A look at the 1st weekend of NBA playoffs

We have our first taste of the 2013 playoffs after this weekend and we definitely like it. Matt Moore joins me to break down all eight games from the opening weekend. On Saturday, the  New York Knicks disrupted the Boston Celtics , the Denver Nuggets outlasted the Golden State Warriors , the Brooklyn Nets obliterated the Chicago Bulls  and the Los Angeles Clippers pulled away from the Memphis Grizzlies . How did Carmelo Anthony finally lead his team to victory? Why was Andre Miller so good? How rough was it seeing Joakim Noah limp around? And why did the Grizzlies fall apart?

On Sunday, the Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks played a surprisingly good game of basketball, the San Antonio Spurs just had too much perimeter firepower for the Los Angeles Lakers , the Miami Heat handled the Milwaukee Bucks , and then Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Houston Rockets badly. Why did Al Horford only play 28 minutes? Was the post game the problem for the Lakers? How good is LeBron James ? And was it right to hope the Rockets could be ready for that game?

We discuss all of that, plus J.R. Smith winning Sixth Man of the Year, Kobe Bryant 's tweeting and preview Monday night's action.

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