Eye on Basketball Podcast: All-Star Weekend and trade buzz

The All-Star Weekend in Houston has come and gone, and we're finally ready to discuss all of the action in its wonderful glory. Matt Moore joins me for today's podcast to talk about our impressions of the weekend and how it was for a first-timer like me. How did the weekend look for the viewers at home? Was the action fun enough? Did the fun in the arena translate to the screen? And were there any moments (like the dunk contest, All-Star Game, etc.) that we would have altered? Also, how fun was the dunk contest?

We also discuss the latest trade rumors and possibilities around the NBA. All week, we'll be discussing your trade ideas and the rumors going along with them, so send them in via the email address below or tweeting about them using the hashtag below. Where could/should Josh Smith end up? Is J.J. Redick worth the hype? Would he fit on the New York Knicks? And what should the Orlando Magic be looking for?

The show has all of that plus Russell Westbrook's possible prop dunks, my travel horror, and Andrew Wiggins.

Have questions for the podcast? Send them to zach.harper@cbsinteractive.com or ask them on Twitter with the hashtag #EOBPod and we'll answer them on the show.

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