Eye on Basketball Podcast: Anthony Davis and global gaming

Ethan Sherwood Strauss joins me on the podcast today to talk about Anthony Davis' offensive prowess and the global efforts of the NBA. The Internet connection between us was not good but we managed to persevere through these trying times. How much of a post game does Davis need to develop or is a less traditional mid-post, face-up game something that could help him turn into a dominant offensive weapon? Will he be better than Dwight Howard this season? Is he ever going to be a go-to guy on offense?

The NBA has spent a lot of time and resources developing their global thumbprint in Asia, South America, and Europe. Is it working? Are these preseason games halfway across the world a good thing for the league or will it hurt the traveling players and teams more than it will grow the popularity of the NBA in foreign lands? Is baseball a more popular international game than the NBA?

We discuss all of this, plus ranking players, Popovich's quote on the government shutdown, and much more.

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