Eye on Basketball Podcast: Are certain teams this legit or not?

Matt Moore joins me today for the podcast today to discuss how legitimate certain teams are. Before we dive into that, we're going over the rumor that Derrick Rose would be very upset with the Chicago Bulls possibly blowing up the core they've built around Rose in order to bring in a change of direction. Does Rose have a right to be upset about this? Would this be a good idea by the Bulls? Should you alter the culture and the core to find a better balance between defense and offense? Would Jerry Reinsdorf actually do the right thing for them to compete if they change?

After that, we're digging into certain teams to figure out if their start is legitimate to where they'll end up. Are the Indiana Pacers as good as they are with the offense sustaining? Are the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks this legitimately bad? Are the Washington Wizards a real playoff team in the East? What about the Cleveland Cavaliers? Do we expect the Dallas Mavericks or the Phoenix Suns to last in the playoff picture longer? Will Kobe Bryant lift the Los Angeles Lakers into the playoffs?

We discuss all of that, plus the idea of recruiting other superstars, shared demise, and preview tonight's games.

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