Eye on Basketball Podcast: Bad ankles and bad situations

We're almost there. We're almost at the start of training camp and preseason when we can get some actual news and basketball to talk about on the show. Until then, we're still looking for stories and Matt Moore joins me to discuss Deron Williams' ankle injury and the bizarre situation Chris Andersen ended up in. With Williams' latest ankle injury, is it too paranoid to think this could end up affecting what's supposed to be a big season? Will it prevent him from getting back to being a dominant player? 

As for the Birdman story, a while back some electronics of his (including his computer) were seized by the Douglas County Sheriff's Office's Crimes Against Children division. This raised huge red flags about what Andersen might have been involved in. Turns out, he was duped by multiple women who tried to steal his identity and extort him. How important is it that the media makes a point to clear his name after the authorities cleared him in the investigation? Does it show you just how protective professional athletes have to be of their situation when dealing with outside parties?

We discuss all of this, plus making Isaiah Thomas mad, constructive reviews, and much more. 

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