Eye on Basketball Podcast: Blazers' deep offseason

I'm joined by Danny Nowell for today's episode to discuss the incredible offseason the Portland Trail Blazers had in 2013. In the offseason report, I gave the Blazers an A for their offseason moves as they completely transformed their bench from an embarrassment to an asset. In acquiring Robin Lopez, Mo Williams, Dorrell Wright, C.J. McCollum, and Thomas Robinson, did this team just become a playoff team in the blink of an offseason? Which move was the most important for them?

With all of the depth the Blazers have seemed to acquire, there still is the question of the future of LaMarcus Aldridge. There were rumors of his unhappiness this offseason and possible trade scenarios. Does this make sense or will he end up playing out his contract in Portland and re-signing as a young team begins to mature? Do his career timeline and the Blazers' youth movement timeline match up or will he likely be traded because of poor timing?

We discuss all of this, plus bad luck, Meyers Leonard's 3-point confidence, and Thomas Robinson as a prospect.

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