Eye on Basketball Podcast: Bulls and Pacers offseason reports

After taking a day off to observe the Labor Day holiday, we're back with two episodes of the EOB podcast in one post. I've got Matt Moore joining me to discuss both the offseasons for the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers. For the Bulls, everything stems on the return, strength, and effectiveness of Derrick Rose roughly 18 months after he tore his ACL. What is reasonable to expect from him? Is the severity of an ACL tear not as big anymore? Is this supporting cast better than the 2011 Bulls team that lost in five games to the Heat?

For the Indiana Pacers, they struggled mightily to score the basketball last season and had to rely solely on their defense to win games. Eventually, they became a championship contender by taking the Heat to seven games in the conference finals. Did they add enough offense to their bench this offseason with Luis Scola, Chris Copeland, and C.J. Watson? Are the combination of Roy Hibbert and Paul George enough star power to get this team more attention? How will former focal point Danny Granger come back and will it have a big impact on the title aspirations of the Pacers?

We discuss all of this, plus the 1996 NBA Finals memories, the mental makeup of players, and the sub contenders group in the East.

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You can download the Chicago Bulls episode here.

You can download the Indiana Pacers episode here.

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