Eye on Basketball Podcast: Dan Woike discussing Clippers' world

Dan Woike of the Orange County Register joins me to discuss what he's experienced covering the Donald Sterling saga in Los Angeles. The Clippers have endured a great emotional weight during the past few days and figuring out how to play with that burden going on wasn't easy for them. How was the team leading up to Adam Silver's decision and what was their mood like after finding out? Is this a rallying point for them or is it simply something they endure and continue to process?

How incredible was Doc Rivers during all of this? Could he have handled it any better? How real were the contingency plans of walkouts and boycotting games that players talked about after they knew the fate of Sterling? Chris Paul described the emotional situation of the warm-ups before the game, but is that something that has a chance of being replicated for the rest of the playoffs?

We discuss all of this, plus Jamal Crawford winning Sixth Man of the Year, the demands of covering the top story, and only do about 10 minutes in the middle of the podcast about Judd Apatow movies and cake vs. pie. 

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