Eye on Basketball Podcast: Forever Young with Steve McPherson

With the Kevin Love trade changing the landscape of two franchises so dramatically, I brought in Steve McPherson from AWolfAmongWolves.com, Rolling Stone, Complex, Grantland, and about three other websites to discuss what this means for the players involved. Love can be a tricky thing, especially when discussing what he means as a player in this league. Has Love been underappreciated due to being on horrendous teams most of his career? Is he given the credit he deserves? What have been his drawbacks? Is it fair to compare him to Kevin Garnett in the pantheon of power forwards named Kevin?

For the Minnesota Timberwolves, they now have the tricky situation of developing prime young talent in Andrew Wiggins. Is moving Anthony Bennett for Thaddeus Young something that stunts the rebuilding of the franchise or does it actually help the development of the existing young players on the team? What should be the outlook for the Wolves based on this young, athletic movement they seem to be trying? Will they screw this up?

We discuss all of this, plus Ricky Rubio as a new leader, developing a basketball culture, and much more.

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