Eye on Basketball Podcast: Giving the Warriors some Lee-way

Ethan Sherwood Strauss joins me on today's podcast to discuss the David Lee situation with the Golden State Warriors. Before we get into that, Phil Jackson was officially announced and introduced as the new president of basketball operations for the New York Knicks. How awkward was it to have James Dolan trying to make jokes? What about Phil Jackson's belief that you can build with Carmelo Anthony and that he has another level to him? Are we still expecting him to be LeBron James?

The Warriors have been benching Lee because of defense late in games, leading to more playing time for Draymond Green. Is Green being out there with Andre Iguodala defensively the key to this team maximizing their potential in the playoffs? Are the Warriors legitimate title contenders? Is their offense still a problem? Is Lee misused late in games? Is the problem actually having Andrew Bogut out there? Which teams should the Warriors want to face in the playoffs?

We discuss all of this, plus the return of the Draft Wheel idea, Greg Oden's role with the Miami Heat, and snake attacks.

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