Eye on Basketball Podcast: Heat-Pacers Game 7, get excited

I'm in Miami for Game 7 and have asked Matt Moore to join me in celebrating what has been a fantastic series and what should be a fascinating finish to the Eastern Conference finals. The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have battled each other about as well as you could have hoped for. Which team is likely to win on Monday night and face the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals? Are the Pacers really this good, or have the Heat just not been as good as we thought they were? How did we get to this point?

The focus on the series heading into Game 7 is the poor play of Dwyane Wade, who is battling knee issues. How do the Heat adjust with him on the floor? Is he capable of still being the same player whose game we've loved for so long, or does he simply not have it in him anymore to compete the way that he once did? Does he have an "old man game" to fall back on, or does he have a cliff to fall off of with his play?

We discuss all of that, plus Jason Kidd and Grant Hill retiring, Lionel Hollins possibly out with the Memphis Grizzlies and traveling.

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