Eye on Basketball Podcast: Indiana failing to keep Pace

Matt Moore joins me today to discuss the struggles of the Indiana Pacers right now. The Pacers have been really bad for a couple weeks, and they've struggled to be consistent for a couple months. They can't score right now and they're starting to have some worrisome comments through the media about selfishness. How do they change this around? Can they channel the frustrations into a "nobody believes in us anymore" kind of mentality?

The ending to the Golden State Warriors win over the Dallas Mavericks was so much fun, but why didn't the refs review the goal tend by Jermaine O'Neal? Why did Monta Ellis go so quickly with his shot? Why didn't Vince Carter double Stephen Curry? What does the Western Conference playoff picture look like after this game and moving forward?

We discuss all of that plus, officiating transparency, running plays to get Timofey Mozgov a 3-pointer, and preview tonight's games.

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