Eye on Basketball Podcast: The right amount of criticism

With so much attention being given to Dwight Howard and Blake Griffin during Thursday night's games, I've brought in Ethan Sherwood Strauss of WarriorsWorld to discuss how we evaluate these players and players in general. Is Blake Griffin's post game lacking post moves or is it lacking post awareness? Should Dwight Howard be held to the standard of post players from different eras? Are we too accepting of James Harden's defensive deficiencies or is it time for him to change in order to save the Houston Rockets?

How do players develop and which places are becoming increasingly good at developing players? Why did the Washington Wizards struggle to help out young players for years? Are the Golden State Warriors and Indiana Pacers developing players the best right now? Have the Miami Heat turned Mario Chalmers into a good player or is it a product of whom he plays next to? Can anybody make the Paul George jump to save the Chicago Bulls?

We discuss all of this, plus trying not to overreact, Chris Kaman's aesthetic issues, and players as Slinkies. 

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