Eye on Basketball Podcast: Warriors' Palace Intrigue

Ethan Sherwood Strauss joins me on the podcast to discuss the weird happenings in the Golden State Warriors' organization. With the report that Mark Jackson forced the reassignment of assistant coach Brian Scalabrine, are we seeing a lot of off-court problems for the organization being revealed? Is the pseudo-lame duck situation of Jackson as the coach and a lack of a contract extension for him creating some insecurities leading to a move like this?

How big of a deal is Jackson's religious nature and culture in this entire ordeal? Is it a problem that his insistance on religion within his team's culture might not be viewed as a necessary component to the Warriors by younger fans or the Bay Area itself? Could it cause an awkwardness with the ownership group? Has it helped the Warriors bring in players like Andre Iguodala and Jermaine O'Neal? Could it become a factor with Stephen Curry's happiness within the organization?

We discuss all of this, plus the Heat-Pacers' matchup, the Toronto Raptors as a challenger, and what the Chicago Bulls mean in this East equation. 

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