Eye on Basketball Podcast: Wipe it all away, you need a plan

Royce Young joins me on the podcast today to discuss building a franchise. The news of Larry Sanders' orbital bone fracture gives us an avenue to look at the Milwaukee Bucks and where they are with their organization. They have so far to go but being in a small market could hinder their rebuilding process. How do you become the next Indiana Pacers or Oklahoma City Thunder? Do you have to wipe the entire organization clean and start over from top to bottom? Is it simply a matter of hitting your draft picks or do you need more of an identity and a plan to execute properly?

Then we start looking at other teams that seem to be treadmill teams; they're running in place but not going anywhere. The Detroit Pistons just fired Maurice Cheeks and have spent their money improperly multiple times in Joe Dumars' tenure? When do you blow it up or is making the playoff in the East enough for you? What about the New York Knicks? Did Sunday's loss to the Thunder show how big the gap is between Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant? Who are Melo's top weapons around him? Is it fine for him to be happy just being really good?

We discuss all of this, plus a Russell Westbrook injury update, Serge Ibaka's defense, and taking a bullet for Nick Collison.

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