With people starting to be allowed to attend sporting events in a limited capacity, it's allowing the return of drama between New York Knicks fans and anti-James Dolan statements at Madison Square Garden. During Tuesday's game against the Washington Wizards, a Knicks fan was ejected from Madison Square Garden just minutes into the first quarter because he was wearing a shirt that said "Ban Dolan" on it.

The fan posted a video of himself being removed from the arena along with a photo of the shirt to prove it.

In the video, the fan is being informed by Madison Square Garden security exactly why he was being removed. Security informed the fan that it's a private area, so they can decide what is "offensive information" -- and they classified the "Ban Dolan" shirt as "offensive information."

The fan was given the choice to wear another shirt and stay at the game or leave. The fan chose to leave Madison Square Garden. It's unclear if Dolan directly had asked security to remove the fan for the shirt or if they're always instructed to remove any offensive shirts pertaining to Dolan.

"As an OG Knicks fan, it's difficult not to critique ownership that doesn't even respect our living legends," the fan tweeted following the incident. "We are fortunate to live where free speech is championed & protected. Rooting for a team & hating ownership are not mutually exclusive. Particularly when done politely."

The fan note that he was treated well by the security staff despite the awkwardness situation. Maybe he should follow Spike Lee's lead.