First 'NBA 2K14' ratings appear, LeBron James near-maxed at 99

Predominant NBA video game favorite NBA 2K14 from 2K sports is scheduled for release Oct 1. has a list of reported ratings from the game, something that always spawns controversy not only in gamer communities, but in the league itself as players object to their numbers. The video game site claims it confirmed the ratings with producers and then the producers listed some more on their own. 

·         LeBron James - 99

·         Kevin Durant - 94

·         Carmel Anthony - 92

·         Russell Westbrook - 91

·         Paul George - 88

·         John Wall - 85

·         Monta Ellis - 82

·         Brook Lopez - 81

·         Pau Gasol - 81

·         Roy Hibbert - 81

·         Anthony Bennett - 76

·         Evan Turner - 76

·         Victor Oladipo - 76

·         Jared Dudley - 73

·         Ben McLemore 72

·         Nerlens Noel - 72

·         Cody Zeller - 68

·         Peyton Siva - 67

·         Chris Johnson - 66

via NBA 2K14 Player Ratings Begin to Appear.

There are others that have been released, and the full list should be out soon. It's hard to argue with James' 99, given his dominance last season. Rose's 92 is obviously going to be controversial, two years removed from an MVP season but not having played in a year and a half. 

Curry's tying Paul George's is similarly interesting from a player comparison standpoint. Don't think for a second this stuff doesn't matter to the players. They ask, specifically, for their rankings on this game. The NBA is a huge video game community on the road due to the schedule, and 2K is without a doubt one of the most popular games played. 

Who will be the first player to complain? That's the real question here.


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