Flagrant foul on Wizards' Bradley Beal downgraded to a flagrant penalty 1

This is Bradley Beal's first flagrant foul of his career. It was ruled a flagrant penalty 2 during the game, and he was ejected. It happened in the last 30 seconds of Washington's Friday night game against Milwaukee when Monta Ellis stole the ball, took it the other way for a transition opportunity and was fouled by Beal from behind.

At the time, it looked like it wasn't a very big deal and just a hard/awkward foul. Beal immediately went over to Ellis to help him up, which Brandon Jennings didn't seem to like. Jennings immediately shoved Beal (probably more for the foul than the help attempt) and was ejected, too.

Michael Lee of the Washington Post reports the league office has downgraded the foul to a flagrant penalty 1:

After reviewing the incident on Saturday, the NBA downgraded Beal’s infraction to a flagrant foul penalty one. Under league bylaws, Beal was eligible to get suspended and receive a fine of up to $50,000 after he was assessed a flagrant foul penalty two – unsportsmanlike contact defined as “unnecessary and excessive” – and an automatic ejection in the loss to Milwaukee.

But he didn’t get a suspension and his punishment has been reduced. A player receives two points for a penalty two flagrant foul and one point for a penalty one flagrant foul. Exceeding five points during the season will lead to an automatic one-game suspension and further suspensions for each additional flagrant foul.

I think this is the correct call. The foul wasn't bad enough to be a flagrant 2, but by today's standards the slap-down from behind and the awkward foul probably warrant a flagrant 1. Years ago, this would have been just another hard foul, but the league landscape has changed since the days of the Malice at the Palace. 

If the fall weren't so awkward, I'm not sure a flagrant would have been called at all. Regardless, the lesson is to never try to help up a teammate of Brandon Jennings. 

(H/T to Kyle Weidie of Truth About It for the video)

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