Former Celtics coach Rick Pitino told Brad Stevens he'll love Boston

Rick Pitino probably curses his decision to become the Celtics' coach.    (USATSI)
Rick Pitino probably curses his decision to become the Celtics' coach. (USATSI)

NCAA legend and NBA disgrace Rick Pitino had a message for Brad Stevens when his fellow college coach took over the franchise Pitino -- uh -- well -- let's just say it. He ran the team into the ground. 

Pitino coached the Celtics for four seasons in his second NBA stint (the first in the late 80s with the Knicks), and lead them to a 102-146 record. He pushed legendary figure Red Auerbach to the fringes and was given way too much power as an executive, something Stevens won't have to worry about. He drafted Chauncey Billups, who was a disaster before coming into his own and winnig a championship later in his career, then traded Billups before he could develop. 

So, you know, things didn't go great. Eventually, Pitino fled back to the safety of the college ranks where he continued his reign as one of the most prolific coaches in history, including winning last season's NCAA title with Louisville. 

"But hey, have a great time, young fella!' 

Hopefully Boston loves Stevens more than it did Pitino.

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