Former Lakers star Kobe Bryant dreamed about playing in New York; has deep appreciation for Madison Square Garden

It's rare that players spend their entire careers with the same team, but Kobe Bryant did just that with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Bryant spent all 20 seasons of his career with the Lakers, but that doesn't mean that he didn't imagine himself playing elsewhere. In a recent question-and-answer session with Frank Isola of The Athletic, the Lakers legend admitted that he would've liked to play in New York City and call Madison Square Garden home.

"There are some teams...I always kind of dreamed about playing in New York and what that would have been like," Bryant said. "It's true. As a fan, the Garden was the historical arena. It's like the last one left. So, when I came into the NBA there used to be Chicago Stadium. It's crazy to think that you guys probably don't know what Chicago Stadium is. But it was Chicago Stadium and there was the Boston Garden where Tiny did a lot of his damage. Then there is Madison Square Garden."

"So, there is like three historical arenas. Chicago Stadium and Boston Garden were torn down. The only thing left was MSG. So, I always wanted to be a part of that history and play in it. So, New York was a team … it would have been pretty good to play in that city."

Obviously, Madison Square Garden is one of the most iconic arenas in sports and it's likely that very few players wouldn't want to play there on a nightly basis. After all, Bryant did have quite a few sensational performances against the Knicks over the years, including a 61-point outing against the Knicks in 2009.

Bryant never got a chance to play at Boston Garden and Chicago Stadium because they were gone before he entered the league. Regardless of the stage, Bryant always played his best basketball when the lights were the brightest. The Lakers legend did win five NBA titles during his career, so it's clear that his tenure with Los Angeles was everything that anybody could've hoped for.

It certainly would've been interesting to see what Bryant would've done with the Knicks. He could've been able to attract other star players to play alongside him much like he did with the Lakers. Still, Bryant ended up doing just fine playing 20 years in Los Angeles.

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