By now, most people are aware of the kick heard round the world. Draymond Green's foot making contact with Steven Adams' crotch in Game 3 resulted in a very heated debate about Green's status for Game 4. Some people believed Green shouldn't be suspended because it was too hard to know if he intentionally kicked Adams downstairs. Others believed it was obvious that it was intentional and the NBA should punish Green accordingly for the transgression.

The final word from the league was an upgrade from a flagrant-1 to a flagrant-2 but no suspension. Green is in hot water with accumulated flagrant points, and another flagrant could land him with an automatic suspension, but that's the severity of the punishment. Stu Jackson, the former vice president of basketball operations for the NBA, used to give out these fines and suspensions. And he said on the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday that Green should've absolutely been suspended.

This obviously won't change anything because the league has already ruled on the play. Jackson's reasons are fairly sound and applicable had the league decided to throw a suspension Green's way. However, it's also noteworthy that when Jackson used to be the one giving out these suspensions, he let Serge Ibaka go without a suspension for the punch to the groin of Blake Griffin back in 2013.

Ibaka received the same treatment as Green. A flagrant-1 was upgraded to a flagrant-2, and he received a $25,000 fine, but did not have to serve a suspension for striking Griffin. Maybe the penalty is deemed more severe by Jackson now because it's in a playoff game and it was the second straight game in which Green made contact with Adams in that spot.

Or maybe Jackson just feels differently about these things now as an outsider than when he was making the decisions. Either way, Green is playing in Game 4.

Draymond Green kicked Steven Adams between the legs in Game 3. Getty Images