Former NBA player Renaldo Balkman chokes teammate in the Philippines

Renaldo Balkman put a whole new meaning to choking in crunchtime.

Balkman, formerly with the Nuggets and Knicks, is playing in the Philippines in the PBA with the Petron Blaze Boosters. With less than a minute left and his team set to lose a tight game, Balkman snapped and went Latrell Sprewell on teammate Arwind Santos.

The confrontation starts with 21.6 seconds left in the game when Balkman walks over to an official and clearly bumps him after not getting a call. While, I guess, demonstrating a foul to him, Balkman makes contact with the official, which brings his coach out to calm him down.

A teammate walks over to try to separate Balkman from the official, to whom Balkman shoves aside. Then Arwind Santos, the team's captain, took a turn trying to get Balkman under control. Balkman pushes him away and Santos, having enough of it, pushes back. And that's when things got all choke-y.

I like how the announcer puts it: "He's strangling Arwind Santos!" Strangling is so much more fun than choking.

Balkman tweeted an apology Friday morning:

Balkman averages about 28 points a game for the Blaze Boosters, but was clearly frustrated after scoring just six in this game.

Any time you bring up a former NBA player and it's not about how they're signing a 10-day contract, it's probably not good. And for Balkman, this is not good. If I was Balkman, I wouldn't plan on getting one of those 10-days any time soon, either. 

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