Free Agency Buzz 7.5.12: Celtics to offer Jeff Green $40 million?

The 2012 NBA Free Agency moratorium period began Sunday morning at midnight. Between Sunday and July 11, teams are allowed to contact and negotiate with players but not sign them until the 11th. That means meetings! And interest! And lots and lots of "reports" and "sources."

We'll keep you up to date on the latest with the free agent mania here at Buzz central. For the latest on the Dwight Howard trade saga, click here

11:30 PM ET

9:00 PM ET

  • Via, Jeff Green's agent says his deal with the Celtics could be in the neighborhood of four years, $40 million. "He wants to be in Boston," Falk said. "He’s excited about the moves they’ve made. He’s hoping Ray Allen comes back as well, because he feels very close to Ray Allen."

6:30 PM ET

  • The Blazers intend to match any offer on Nicolas Batum and won't entertain a sign-and-trade, reports the Oregonian.
  • According to, the Pacers haven't decided whether or not to match the Blazers' max offer sheet to Roy Hibbert.

5:00 PM ET

  • According to ESPN LA, the Lakers aren't planning a trade involving Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum. The team wants to keep the core together and play with Steve Nash. 

2:15 PM ET

  • Jamal Crawford and Chauncey Billups are signing with the Clippers. Meaning Ray Allen is almost assured to be heading to Miami.

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