Friday 5 with KB 3.23.12: No one is invincible

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1. Hornets fans are abuzz (GET IT SEE CAUSE THEY'RE THE HORNETS) with good feelings about the win over Chris Paul in his return. Is it worth it sometimes to get the win even when you need the loss for the lottery?

KB: It wasn't exactly LeBron going back to Cleveland, and it was never going to be, considering that CP3 handled his departure from New Orleans with class and contributed so much to the community. But when a franchise loses its franchise player (seemingly a common occurrence in the NBA now), it's certainly therapeutic to beat his new team and get to celebrate a little bit. After all the confusion over the trade that wasn't and then the trade that was, plus injuries and general malaise, Monty Williams should be commended for keeping things positive.

2. Speaking of the Clippers, how many grains of sand does VDN have left in the hourglass?

KB: The Clips have all the body language of a team eager for a coaching change, and they have a perfectly serviceable interim on the bench in Marc Iavaroni. Del Negro's camp has been given no indication a change is imminent, and all the key figures in the organization are up in the air contractually. So if a move is going to be made, it's going to be made by one Donald J. Sterling. No telling what he's going to do.

3. Which buyout guy is going to have the most impact this year, any of them?

KB: Probably Derek Fisher, because the Thunder will be smart enough to use him the right way and disguise his obvious deficiencies at this stage of his career. Fish can still hit a big shot in a playoff game, and he'll be motivated to stick it to the Lakers if and when they meet in the postseason.

4. For the love, is this Hornets ownership thing ever going to end?

KB: Oh, eventually. Nothing could proceed until the state agreed to a new arena lease, which is contingent on getting the legislature to pass a bond issue to fix it. Once that happens, voila! A new owner. Someone. Somehow. Someday.

5. There isn't an invincible team right now in the league. Who's the closest to it, right now, though?

KB: I agree with the first part. As for the second, I'd probably say Miami. With their size and rebounding deficiencies, the Heat are not the most complete team. But LeBron and Wade, when playing in the open floor, attacking and creating offense with their defense, make Miami almost impossible to handle.
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