George Hill saw some people in need and did a random good thing

NBA players commit a lot of money and time every year to good causes. Players have foundations, team events, sponsored programs, all of which really make substantial impacts on the lives of those in need.

But sometimes, the best acts of kindness are made spontaneously and without organization. Earlier this week, new Jazz point guard George Hill came across some folks in need and decided to lend a hand.

Just a cool story, told with capital letters on every word for some reason, and it wasn't done under any conditions or pre-developed settings. He just saw some folks and bought them a meal and some waters. Utah, though, has been one of the most active states in trying to find positive solutions to their homeless issues, and in a decade have reduced the chronic homeless population by a striking 91 percent. So Hill's in good company with his new team, it seems like.

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