The Rockets need bodies to fill out the roster. They're going through an injury bug right now and luckily Gerald Green happened to be available. They signed the Houston native to a non-guaranteed contract to just get players in uniform for their game in Boston. 

However, while Green happened to be in town -- he started his NBA career in Boston and returned to the Celtics last season -- when the Rockets called him, that wasn't why he was there. He was actually visiting his son because of a health emergency. When he landed he checked his phone for an update and found out the Rockets were interested in bringing him in for a workout.

Gerald Green was rushing to the airport Wednesday after word came in that his six-year-old son Jeremiah with sick with an apparent allergic reaction. Gerald bolted to catch his flight, only having time to grab a backpack full of some of his essentials.

"He hopped on the next flight to Jeremiah's hometown of Boston, where Green played for the Celtics last year. A few hours later he landed at Logan and pulled his phone out while the plane was taxiing on the tarmac. He just needed an update on Jeremiah, needing to know he was fine.


"As soon as I landed, that's when I got the call," Green said Thursday before his Rockets debut. "I was on the way to my son and I was thinking, 'Maybe,' but then I was like, 'Wow.' 

via USA Today Sports' Celtics Wire

What followed was an absurd sequence of events for Green. He had to check in on his son, who is OK, then immediately prepare for a workout with the Rockets. After signing with them he played in Houston's loss to the Celtics. Green wasn't even wearing his own shoes. They were Trevor Ariza's.

"I don't have any bags or nothing," Green said. "I went straight from waking up to hearing my son was [sick] and I was like, 'Okay, let me get my stuff, let me get my backpack. That's it.' I don't got nothing. I had to borrow basketball shoes and everything. These are Trevor Ariza's. So if I can shoot like him tonight, that would be good."  

Green ended up not having a good night for the Rockets, finishing 0-for-3 from the field, but he did finish the night on an NBA roster with a chance to prove he belongs on one after his time with Houston ends. Maybe he turns it into something more long term with the team. If the last 48 hours for him have proved something it's that life is full of weird circumstances that lead to even stranger results.