GIF: Tony Wroten's 3-pointer from the left wing is a bit off target

At the end of the preseason game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers, the odds of the Sixers coming back and doing anything of substance down four points with eight seconds left were very low. Evan Turner brought the ball up the left side of the floor quickly, dished it off to Tony Wroten, and he hesitated before firing up a 3-pointer. 

He shot the ball from the left wing and managed to hit the side of the backboard. I know he hesitated and pump faked at first, which would throw off just about anybody's rhtyhm shooting the ball, but the fact that it hit the side of the backboard rather than nothing or any other area of the backboard is kind of astonishing. It's not even that I want to make a joke about it at this point; it's just impressive.

Wroten had a good game too. He finished with 20 points, four rebounds, and three assists off the bench. He was 4-of-7 from three before that attempt, which is impressive for a guy that was truly awful as a shooter during his rookie season and during summer league in July. In a game that featured Kevin Durant going for 21 points, 12 assists, and eight rebounds and Reggie Jackson scoring 29 points to go with eight assists and six rebounds, this Wroten shot was the thing I'll remember the most. 

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