Glen Davis says his foot may 'never be the same' after injury

Magic forward Glen Davis was off to a hot start last year in Orlando before a foot injury ended his season. He had two surgeries within the year, and now, it sounds like the foot has never gotten right. 

Two surgeries on his left foot in a six-month span have changed his world. He had an operation in February and then another in July to replace a screw.

"You have a sense of the end," he said.

Next to a shattered knee, broken bones in the feet are a basketball player's worst nightmare. From Bill Walton to Zydrunas Ilgauskas, careers can be altered.

Davis, 27, is recovering slowly and could be back to practice in a few weeks. But then comes the great unknown when he takes those thunderous steps, always worrisome for a man of his size.

"Will it hold up?" he said.

Privately, Davis is angry and upset. He felt the first surgery didn't address the problem correctly and the setback cost him time.

"It will never be the same," he said glumly, glancing down at his foot.

Davis will test the second surgeon's handiwork, along with the new screw and additional bone graft that was inserted.

At 6 feet 9, he currently weighs around 300 pounds, but figures he needs to diet like a mad man to decrease the stress on his feet.

He talks about losing 20 pounds, but laughs that he hasn't weighed 280 "since I was in sixth grade."

Then he turns serious.

"I have to play as light as possible if it helps," he said.

via Orlando Magic's Glen 'Big Baby' Davis wonders if his career is in jeopardy - Orlando Sentinel.

It's a sad-sounding tale for a player who endured a lot of mockery early in his career for his weight and play-style, but who legitimately endeavored to get in shape and be a productive player. He lost a huge amount of weight (during the lockout no less) and has added different elements to his game. 

Unfortunately, a foot injury to a big man is devastating. It impacts too much because of the emphasis on footwork and the costant pounding up and down for rebounds. 

Davis sounds absolutely miserable describing being stuck in the walking boot he's been confined to, doubly heartbreaking considering Davis' upbeat manner. Hopefully he's wrong, that this is but a setback, and he can return to the court and be a productive player again. For a guy who plays with his kind of effort, it would be crushing to lose him so young. 


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