Look, Kevin Durant can say he holds no ill will all he wants for Oklahoma City. Bottom line, though, is the Warriors pretty clearly love sticking it to the Thunder, for some reason. Durant makes his return to Oklahoma City for the first time since abandoning them last summer, and the Warriors hyped the matchup on their Twitter account, showing Durant going up against his good friend and former teammate ...

Andre Roberson.

OK, this is brilliant on multiple levels.

However, Warriors PR is quick to point out that all of their "Game Day!" tweets feature two players, each of the same position. That's why Durant is matched up with Roberson and not Westbrook here. There are examples of Klay Thompson crossed with Mike Conley, and Draymond Green crossed with DeAndre Jordan, but the matchups are based on guards, forwards, and centers (which Green primarily plays with the Warriors).

There wasn't any intention of disrespect for Westbrook, in other words.

Unintentionally, however, it's brilliant because:

1. It completely ignores the presence of Russell Westbrook, as if he doesn't even matter in this matchup. Completely dismissing the big personality at the heart of the conflict is the most cold-blooded approach.

2. It actually is equally insulting to Roberson. It elevates him to the star status for the matchup, in a parody sense, which really serves to dismiss the idea of him as a showcase player. Andre Roberson has never said anything bad about anyone. He's just an innocent player, caught in the crossfire here.

3. The cosmic background really serves to accentuate the ridiculousness of Durant vs. Roberson being a marquee matchup.

This is a master stroke from the Warriors' social media maven Julie Phayer. This is a finishing move. Imagine what will go down if the Warriors get another blowout victory in OKC, as is expected.