Goran Dragic had a Slovenian music video made about him

I'll be honest with you. I have no idea what I just watched, but I do know it's Slovenian comedian and impersonator named Klemen Slakonja with a music video ode to Phoenix Suns' point guard Goran Dragic. I'll let Greg Esposito of Suns.com explain it better:

According to Dragic, the video is from a Slovenian comedian and impersonator named Klemen Slakonja -- we're guessing is the foreign equivalent to Frank Caliendo minus the Jon Gruden impression -- who has a national television show. The guard said a lot of it, including the scenes with the stone dragons, are filmed in his hometown. And, while we couldn't get him to sing it, the Dragon told us the lyrics are satirically praising his evolution as a basketball player.

Slakonja did some impressive research on his subject though as towards the end of the video he even parodies Dragic singing in a suit from his rookie season. The rendition of "Greatest American Hero" took place at the Suns Charity Gala in 2009. And yes, we have video evidence of that too.

When does Nikola Pekovic get one from the Montenegrin Bill Hader?

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