Grade the Trade: Warriors, Celtics, Heat four-player trade

How much does Crawford help the Warriors' attack? (USATSI)
How much does Jordan Crawford help the Warriors' attack? (USATSI)

After the three-team, four-player deal between the Golden State Warriors , Boston Celtics , and  Miami Heat that will bolster the bench of the Warriors, it's time to look at how the three teams came out both in terms of roster and financially in this trade. Let's grade the trade:

Golden State Warriors acquire Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks

It's hard to find fault in this move for the Warriors. While MarShon Brooks is someone they need to develop before they can trust throwing him out there in the second unit of a team looking to build a title contender, he's still a nice insurance policy to have at the guard position down the road. Brooks had a promising rookie season in which he was allowed to freelance on offense a bit and just be a scorer. Since then, he's been an afterthought on the Brooklyn Nets last season and the Boston Celtics this season. He needs to learn how to play in more of a team structure before you can throw him out there.

As for the acquisition of Jordan Crawford, this is a bit of a risk for the Warriors but one that seems worth trying. For the Celtics this season, Crawford was turned into a lead guard by Brad Stevens and the results were promising. He was able to find teammates and create his own shot. Even though he's been known as a gunner, his playmaking ability was a pleasant surprise for the Celtics before their recent slide down the standings.

For the Warriors, Crawford will have to continue to find the balance between making teammates better and finding his own opportuntities. As a part of the second unit for the Warriors, it's an upgrade over what Toney Douglas was unable to provide for the team. Crawford won't be nearly the defender that Douglas was but he's also going to have a chance to greatly improve the worst scoring bench in the NBA. They have the lowest scoring bench, the worst shooting bench, and the bench with the least assists in the NBA, according to

The move will cost the Warriors roughly $1.6 million more than what they were paying Douglas but they're still a few million dollars away from the luxury tax.

Grade: B+

Boston Celtics acquire Joel Anthony , protected first round pick from Philadelphia, future second round pick from Miami

This is a pretty simple move for the Boston Celtics. They've just acquired Jerryd Bayless who can fill the role that Crawford had before Rajon Rondo comes back. Rondo is due back any day now as he looks to complete his rehab before playing in some D-League games. Then he'll be back to starting for the Celtics at the NBA level and the team will move Bayless to the lead guard off the bench.

In the process, they've pushed themselves up against the luxury tax line by acquiring Joel Anthony from the Heat but they aren't over it. Any possible deals the rest of this season would mean they can't really take on any extra money in the move without receiving a very nice sweetener (first round pick). Having Anthony signed for $3.8 million next season isn't great but it is a sizable expiring contract to move.

As for the draft picks coming to the Celtics in the deal, they aren't all that great but there is value in stockpiling second round picks.

The Philadelphia 76ers ' pick is protected for this season and next season. If the Sixers make the playoffs in the next two seasons, the Celtics will have themselves a first round pick from Philly. If the Sixers don't make the playoffs in the next two seasons, it becomes a second round pick for Boston, but still it's likely that it's a high second round pick. The future second round pick from Miami isn't great but you can always tack on second round picks in deals.

Grade: B-

Miami Heat acquire Toney Douglas

The primary reason for this move by the Heat would have to be financial. There isn't really a need for another point guard on the roster. With as much as Miami has  Dwyane Wade and  LeBron James handle the ball and with the play of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole , Toney Douglas joining the roster seems a little crowded. However, in the process of swapping out Anthony for Douglas, they've saved themselves $2.2 million in salary alone and will stand to save roughly $4 million in luxury tax payments as well. 

Is that worth giving up a potential first round pick or an early second round pick? That is the lay of the land in today's NBA financial game.

Grade: C-

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